13th Nov,2017
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Congratulations Jae!

Congratulations Jae!

We are thrilled to announce that Jae has recently become Licenced as an Authorised Representative and is now a Financial Planner. After 5 years with the practice, in a Client Relationship Manager role, she is looking to engage more directly with clients in her own right. Jae originally joined the team in Innisfail in 2012 and has grown in her knowledge and qualifications in that time. As a Financial Planner, she has completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and is a registered Associate Member of Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).

We have had the pleasure of watching a number of our younger team members blossom over time. Some of them have moved to the “city” for personal reasons but have continued to develop their career in financial planning.

Jae is one of those who have embraced our model, encompassed in the four words that we use to describe the outcomes we try to achieve for clients, being Clarity, Confidence, Security and Opportunity. Jae understands the need to embrace education, and to pursue high standards of both professional qualification and ethics in our relationships with clients.

Her colourful personality adds to the offering and brightens the day for those involved with her.

We are pleased to have her on our team and pleased that she is embracing the challenges faced in pursuing a financial planning career within a FPA Professional Practice, our practice.” 

Peter Jordan

Earlier this year Jae relocated from Innisfail to Brisbane and remained working for the firm, (you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl). Her near future plans are to finalise some study around Taxation with a longer-term goal of continuing study and development so she can provide her clients security and opportunity, delivered with confidence and clarity.

When asked recently why she is proud to belong at ClearWay Advice she stated, “I believe in the business and what we aim to achieve for our clients, and the business has believed in me.”

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