2nd Jan,2017
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Peter Jordan - ClearWay Advice and Financial Management

New Year’s Resolutions

How are you going with your New Year’s Resolutions? What were they – did you write them down, perhaps summarise them onto memory cards, recite them over and over to lodge them firmly in your brain? How much did they really mean to you? Is it really that important to you to reduce the home loan significantly this year, to finish that course you need for your next promotion or your dream job, to paint the inside of the house so you won’t need to get a contractor in and thereby save a few bucks, to spend time with the kids, with your partner?

Whatever your new year resolutions were, today is a new day, and you have a chance to refocus and to move in the direction that at some point was and probably still is important to you,?

Ask yourself this. What were my new year’s resolutions? Why were they important at the time? Are they still important to me? What are the steps I must take to achieve them – step by step? Build a process, make them happen.

Perhaps they are important to you personally, perhaps they are important to others in your life and that’s what makes these resolutions important to you. Find a reason to make them happen. Go to it.

Perhaps you need some help – some guidance, something or someone to make you accountable. The more often you talk about the resolutions, the reasons why they are important, the steps you are taking to make them a reality, the more often you speak of them the more likely you will make them happen.

If we can be of any help, call us.

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