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Across your farm, family and business life there are many things to consider in protecting your assets.  Our asset protection services are focused on giving you and your family confidence and security in your financial future, no matter what the challenges are that come your way.

Why is this important?

We have all heard stories of people who struggled during the GFC, or lost their assets due to accident or illness.  We all know a family that has spent years arguing over an estate.  Such events have the capacity to cripple a business, take away your family assets or tear apart a once close family. 

How can we Help?

Our business can put in place a full protection plan for your business, coordinate wills and estates, arrange required insurances and generally provide the advice you need to get your house or business in order.

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Our service aims to provide you with confidence and clarity in how you can cope in an unexpected personal or business crisis. We even project manage the other professionals who need to be involved, to ensure that you can concentrate on the important things in life.

Services for Business

There are various elements to consider for your business.  These include; the impact of you not being able to work, legal action against your company or you personally as a director, the impact of an event stopping your business from working, or the more standard issues of dealing with damage to your property.

There are many risks that people aren’t aware of that can have a significant impact on your personal and family wealth as well as the business.  If you have a company or run a business for instance you can be sued for your conduct by ex-employees, business partners and clients.  What impact would lengthy legal action have on you, your cash-flow and your business performance?


Protect Your Assets

Services for Farmers

Dealing with risks associated with mother nature and primary production are only the start of your challenges.  Our service can support you in addressing each of the other risks associated with your farm assets, as many things can impact your family wealth and the farm’s ability to generate income.

Protecting your farm assets to pass onto the next generation is a key challenge farmers face.  Have you planned for your exit from the farm? The sooner you put your succession plan into place, the greater the chance you can maximise the value for you and your family when you leave.


Retirement Planning

Services for Families

As an individual your wealth accumulation goal is to ensure you and your family can enjoy the lifestyle you desire, making asset protection a key issue for your family as a whole.

Our firm works closely with families to help them understand the importance of key risk management strategies.  Our investment team provides you with detailed risk profiling advice to help you choose investments that align with your needs and your attitude toward risk.  Our insurance team can asses your work and personal life to ensure you have adequate cover for your income or recovery.  And our general insurance team can ensure your home and buildings have the right cover to limit your losses and get you back to living after a major event.

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