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We are committed to helping you gain clarity and confidence in your business future. Our services, tools and strategies can assist you and your family by helping you extract more value and more revenue from your business.

As a key component of your financial future, managing and protecting your business income and value is an important element of any successful financial plan for small business owners. Our services are structured to ensure that you have all of your business needs covered.

Start Up

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging time for you and your family. The pressure and stress associated with running your own business adds a completely different dynamic when compared with full time employment. How have you prepared for the change?

What are your goals?

Why have you gone into business and in particular why have you started the business you have? Understanding what you want from your business is your first step to success.

What is important now?

There is a lot to know and understand when starting a business and there are potential elements that you haven’t considered or thought of yet.  The benefits of engaging with a team of professionals across the various elements of business is a smart way of setting yourself up for success.

It is important to spend time understanding the risks and responsibilities of running a business.  Knowing what to consider in your insurance program, truly understanding cash-flow, keeping your administration efficient and up-to-date are all areas where new businesses struggle.

How can we help?

Our passion is helping you achieve your goals. We believe that creating a solid foundation for your business, consisting of the necessary elements for a successful and profitable business, is essential to setting you up to achieve success. Covering elements such as the right insurance program for your needs, to advice on process and efficiency, we bring together the professionals to get your business moving.

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Are you looking to grow your business? What is the focus, revenue or profit growth? What do you want to achieve from the growth, taking more from the business or increasing its value?

Every business at times needs to grow to improve the financial outcomes of your efforts.  Setting clear goals regarding what you are trying to achieve is important in making the improvements you want to in the business.

There are many elements of a business that slow growth.  Maybe your administration is inefficient, or your marketing a little dated.  Whatever the reason, reviewing the business on a regular basis is invaluable in relieving the bottlenecks and getting your business growing again.

What is important now?

Why?:>Regularly reviewing why you are in business and why clients come to you is a great first step in any effort to grow your business. Aligning all of your business activity with the reason you are in business is the first step in getting the growth you desire. As Simon Sinek states it in his book Start With Why - "People don't by what you do they buy why you do it."

Efficiency:>To grow any business the team members must be free to do their jobs efficiently. Technology today means that many businesses can be run remotely, with great efficiency and a greater quality of information. Your business can be more efficient and reviewing the tools and solutions available is a first step to saving time and money.

How can we help?

Our advice is tailored to your specific needs, goals and the issues you are looking to overcome. Our team can help you make the right decisions today to achieve the growth you want tomorrow, whatever type of business you have and whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

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It is time to move on to something new and you are ready to sell the business or hand it over to someone else. Preparation for succession should be done as early as possible, so if this is something that you are considering, the time to act is now.  Have you started preparing?

It’s likely that your business sale will have a significant impact on your personal assets.  If you are retiring on exit, then gathering value is even more important, but overall preparation is key to gaining maximum sale from your hard work. What do you need to do to get fair value? This will be the main question in your head as you approach the succession or sale.

What is important now?

Do you know what your business is worth? Reviewing each of the key factors impacting your sale price and getting a professional opinion on how to improve the value before selling is key to realising full value for your hard work.

Structure: How the deal is structured has a big impact on how you transfer assets from the business to your personal wealth; the aim of most sales. 

How can we help?

Preparation: Preparing and planning for succession is something to start as early as possible, making sure that the business and you are ready for when sale time comes in order to maximise your outcomes.  Our team will step you through this process and help you realise full value.

Future: Planning for the future after succession is key, especially if the sale proceeds are your main retirement assets.  Our team will ensure your superannuation and other savings vehicles are right for the situation, along with ensuring your have a complete plan in place to see you forward.

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