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Through our personalised services, we are able to provide you with access to specialist advice, tools and strategies for your specific areas of need.

We understand that you may be looking to focus your time and energy on one area or issue that you are currently facing and our services are tailored to your needs.  In our approach, we ask the relevant questions to identify your concerns and desired objectives, enabling us to work with you on what really matters.

Gaining clarity and confidence in your financial decisions and situation is simple, contact us today to find out more.

Insurance Services

Your personal assets, your home and the family car, are possessions you would struggle to be without.  Your home is not only an asset, but a collection of memories that, if lost, would have a significant impact on you and your family. And the family car, without that so many things just cant happen or become more difficult.

The complexity and number of policies available today make choosing the right policies for your situation a difficult task. Price, quality, inclusions, exclusions, standard wordings and your needs are all to be considered in assessing your program.

How can we help?

We specialise in helping families, businesses and farmers put in place the right insurance program for their situation.

Confidence – we work to assist you in having confidence that all your policies provide the solutions that you are looking for.  What is more our team are passionate about maximising value for our clients at claim time.  You can have confidence in the team helping you choose and use your insurance policy.

Comprehensive – we provide you advice in all elements of your general insurance program, across the whole family.  Our services are designed to help you make smarter choices regarding your insurance, and to manage the full array of insurance needs that you have.

Commission Free – we don’t take payment from insurers enabling you to be sure our advice is in your best interests and your premiums will also benefit by being more competitive.

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Asset Protection

Your assets are important to you. Your home, your income, your other possessions.  Is it your family who relies on the wealth and income you create to ensure your kids have the education? Or you and your partner who want to be sure to have the retirement you deserve? Or is it you, who wants to maintain your independent lifestyle no matter what challenges you find on your way?

You might not like to discuss it, but no one knows what is around the corner and you are going to want to protect your lifestyle if something unforseen affected your ability to earn. And the real challenge is not just in unexpected death, but also in survival.

How can we help?

In preparing for unexpected accident or illness there are many things to consider.  Our advice will help you get everything set, to ensure no matter what happens you, the ones you care for most are cared for.

Wills & Estate Planning: we work with solicitors to ensure your insurance program is right for your requirements.

Recovery: the biggest challenge when you are ill or injured is meeting your commitments while also dealing with your recovery. Our team can shape your income and trauma protection to ensure all you have to worry about is getting better if illness or injury strikes.
Whatever is important to you can be protected by implementing a comprehensive asset protection plan.

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Money Management

Managing your household budget is the first key to wealth accumulation.  The biggest driver of asset growth is regularly saving or spending less than you earn.  Is that you?  Do you always have some left over at the end of the week to ‘put away’ or are you more the type that struggles to get by no matter how much is in the bank account?

No matter how good or bad we are we can always improve our capability in this area, and there are a number of strategies our team can implement to assist you in better managing the household budget.

How can we help?

Our team is skilled at helping you better manage your financial position.  We have a number of tools and strategies at our disposal that highlight the key issues you need to consider in improving your budget position.

Planning: The most difficult element of budgeting is dealing with unexpected, or larger than normal expenses.  This issue can be alleviated by having a review of your financial plan to ensure all things are considered.

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Wealth Accumulation

Chances are you are focused on growing your wealth.

You want to build an asset base to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.  It doesn’t matter our life stage, many of us dream of having income from invested assets that enables our dreams, from starting our own business to never ending holidays.

How can we help?

We will step you through the key requirements for growing wealth.  Understanding your budget and savings capacity, your risk profile and life goals will assist us in designing a strategy that is right for you.

Budgeting: We understand that many people struggle to keep track of the family budget.  Our team have access to tools and tips that assist you in better understanding and tracking your budget position; week-by-week.

Investment: Uncertainty can surround any investment decision however our team can help you understand all elements of the investments available to you and guide you step by step.

Planning: A key element of wealth accumulation is ensuring you plan for times where you will need additional funds – buying your first home, sending children to university. Going through the financial planning process is a great way to ensure that you are prepared.

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Superannuation & SMSF

For everyone superannuation is a significant asset that will play a very important role in his or her lives.  Making the most of it needs to start now, if you have not already.

No matter your age, paying attention to your superannuation is important.  The earlier you start making smart decisions about the super fund, the investments and the contribution amounts, the greater the chance of achieving your lifestyle goals in the future.

How do you feel about Super? Are you confident yours is being managed in the way suited to your requirements? Are you confident you are getting value for the fees you are paying?

How can we help?

Maximising your retirement assets is a key goal of most financial plans.  We can assist you in making the decisions now that will prepare you for the future.

SMSF: Do you have an SMSF or are you considering one? We can help you make the decision about whether it’s right for your situation or not. 

Investment: superannuation is a valuable tax structure for your personal wealth creation, equally important to you is the investment and cash management inside the super fund.  Guiding you through the investment opportunities is a key element of our service.

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Retirement Planning

Approaching retirement is an amazing time.  What are you most looking forward to? Time with the kids and grandkids? Fishing or gardening? Travel or camping?

Retirement comes in all shapes and sizes; you might fully retire or continue to be involved in charity.  You might just go part time in the family business, and pursue your passions the rest of the time.  Or you might just be ready to enjoy home and the family life every day of the week.
Whatever it is, now is the time to make sure you are preparing your financial position to make sure you can live out the dream you have.

How can we help?

The sooner you have a plan for your retirement the better.  Our team can guide you on what you need for the lifestyle you have planned, support you in amending your strategy to make the most of retirement and help you generally prepare for this next phase of life.

Act Now: The key is to see us as soon as possible, if you are approaching the day you finish work then time is important.  Even if retirement is still 10 or 20 years away, now is the best time to start preparing.

Clarity: Our team will provide you with analysis of your situation, so you can have clarity regarding your retirement expectations and how they relate to your current savings strategy. This is key for you and your family in getting clarity around what is possible and what is required to achieve your goals.

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