Superannaution and SMSF

The Australian superannuation system is one of the best in the world, and something that we should all be making the most of. You are likely to have many questions about superannuation and what you need to do to maximise what you have now and in the future, and we look forward to guiding you through the process.

The most important point is that Superannuation and Self Managed Super Funds are not investments. Rather they are a tax effective structure with a set of rules designed to help protect your retirement savings.


It is vital that you pay attention to your superannuation.  As soon as practical you should review your current super fund and align it, and the investments you hold within it, with your overall financial plan.

Are you making contributions to your superannuation fund? Are you making enough contributions? Understanding what your superannuation balance can achieve for you in retirement is a first step in gaining clarity on your superannuation position.   How long will my contributions last? How much more do I need?

Your questions and concerns are natural, and that is why we focus on helping you truly understand your position and your achievable retirement lifestyle.


If you own a business there are special concessions that may enable you to get more of your money into the tax favourable superannuation environment. Before you sell and as part of any financial plan there should be some consideration of the superannuation concessions.


Do you have an SMSF or are you considering one? More importantly, do you truly need one? The need for an SMSF depends on what types of investments you want to hold and the objectives you want to achieve with your superannuation.

Managing an SMSF can be challenging and there is a significant responsibility associated with being a trustee of a fund. Understanding your obligations and responsibilities is important as significant fines and penalties can be imposed for those that fail to meet them.

We can steer you through the maze of legislation and SMSF requirements to ensure your fund continues to act in line with the law. We can also help you manage your SMSF so it achieves the goals you set out to achieve.

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